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About Blissful Bird Nest

birdnestBird Nest is a widely recognized health food that provides the body with arginine, protein and anti-oxidants. For centuries, it has been used as a medical remedy, a beauty enhancer and even as a nutritional supplement. Famous celebrities, aristocrats as well as political and business leaders are known to be regular consumers of bird nest, which is evident in their vitality and youthful appearance.

In addition, Bird Nest contains many bioactive elements, amino acids and numerous trace minerals which help in maintaining a radiant complexion, improving body immunity and providing more energy for work and play!

Bird Nest is a proven source of multiple nutrients which not only supplement the deficits in the body but even help to restore and enhance organ functions, cell production and overall health. But most importantly, it is naturally produced from Mother Nature and is not an artificially produced good that may not be recognized or absorbed by the human body. Unfortunately, in the name of profit, there are countless ignorant bird nest farmers and suppliers who process their bird nest harvest unethically or chemically. Blissful Bird Nest only distributes Bird Nest that have been carefully cleaned and packaged by Yong Kang ©

Our Bird Nest are guaranteed to be

  • 100% Pure and Genuine without any other ingredients.
  • Not bleached nor chemically treated in any form.
  • Freeze-dried to maintain the original nutrients of the Bird Nest.
  • Less than 10% water content (market standard is >30% so you are buying more Bird Nest, not water!)
  • Free from all colouring, additives, preservatives.
  • Naturally binded together without any application of commercial glue.

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