Bird Nest


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30g Blissful Bird Nest

Looking to try our wonderful bird nest or looking for the latest gift to a loved one? Look no further! Our 30g bird nest packaging is designed to please your taste buds as well as lighting up the eyes of you and your loved ones.

Beautifully contained in a unique air-tight glass jar, our 30g Blissful Bird Nest is a hot favourite with our corporate clients!

Usual Price: S$250
NOW: S$228

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50g Blissful Bird Nest

Feeling rich and generous today? Pamper yourself with one of the best health food nature has to offer! Or simply amaze someone with this handsome present!

Our 50g Blissful Bird Nest is carefully arranged in an air-tight glass jar that looks great on the outside and full of goodness inside!

Usual Price: S$428
NOW: S$378

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100g Blissful Bird Nest

Ever heard the saying; the more the merrier? If you are a long term consumer of Bird Nest or trying to sweep someone off their feet, there is no better choice than our heart-stopping 100g Blissful Bird Nest.

Designed for a jaw-dropping experience, our 100g Blissful Bird Nest has helped to forge many strong relationships either at work or within the family. Or simply bring your health to the next level!

Usual Price: S$828
NOW: S$688

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500g Blissful Bird Nest

Is this really Bird Nest? Expect this question all the time when you present the eye-popping 500g Blissful Bird Nest to anyone, and we really mean ANYONE!

Our heavy-weight (literally!) champion is absolutely ideal for people who are really serious about improving their health by providing the body with an admirable variety of nutrients.

When presented as a gift, be prepared to be very very very appreciated. For there is hardly a gift more lavish than this!

Usual Price: S$3988
NOW: S$3188

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