Bird Nest Soup

bird nest soup

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Be it a family gathering, a gift to an unwell friend, nourishment for the pregnant, an expression of filial piety or just pure indulgence, you can count on our Blissful Bird Nest Soup to lift your spirits and definitely your health!

Blissful Bird Nest Soup Flavours
What’s more, we offer three basic but highly popular recipes that can be customized to suit your needs. For example:

  • You can opt for less rock sugar
  • Have your bird nest soup chilled and cold
  • Ask for more ginger in your bird nest soup
  • You can even give us your bird nest recipe and we will cook it for you!

And because you buy direct from us, we are able to offer you competitive prices that are comparable to most restaurants in Singapore.

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Also presenting our… Ultimate Bird Nest!

More than 200 tons of Bird Nest are produced and consumed every year all around the world. Now this may not seem scary until you realize that this translates into about 40 million bowls of Bird Nest Soup or about 100,000 bowls a day! The majority of these consumers are from countries with a majority of Chinese citizens such as China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

However, the Western Countries are beginning to notice this nutritious food too and are beginning
to conduct research as well as tests, with often-favourable results. With globalization, it wouldn’t be
long before Bird Nest will soon gain a popular following on both sides of the hemisphere.

Prized as a delicacy, Bird Nest is indulged by its fans as an extraordinary treat during special occasions or as a daily tonic for the privileged. Despite the strong yearning to enjoy Bird Nest soup on a daily basis, many are forced to give up this routine because of the tedious preparation process.

How can one enjoy Bird Nest with a peaceful mind?
An excellent bowl of Bird Nest soup requires:

  • The Bird Nests to be cleaned thoroughly
  • Free from feathers and other contaminants found in dried bird nest
  • Dried Bird Nest has to undergo a few hours of soaking for it to fully expand
  • And finally a good two hours of double boiling

The Ultimate Bird Nest Soup – A bowl a day!

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