Bird Nest Cleaning Process

Blissful Bird Nest’s Cleaning Process

harvesting bird nestThis is sad but the truth is this. Bird’s nest contains very high soluble protein which helps in our epidemic growth and has anti-aging properties. However, most bird nests available in the market are processed using bleaching agents, harmful chemicals and contain preservatives. Thus, destroying the precious nutrients – the soluble protein found in bird nests.
We take bird nest’s cleaning seriously. Each piece of Bird’s Nest was cleaned thoroughly using only Reverse Osmosis Distilled Water. Other dirt and feathers were plucked out painstakingly using forceps. This is a long and tedious process but that is how we deliver quality bird nest products. Right from the right harvesting methods to our stringent quality control, only can we ensure the most authentic and cleaned bird nests safe for you and yor family’s consumption. Your health in our responsibility!
Traditionally, the bird nests are heated dry using an oven. This resulted in a huge loss of bird nests nutrients after the direct heat.
At Blissful Bird Nest, we use a “Freeze-Drying” method to dry every piece of bird nest. This drying method is done by freezing water moisture and sublimate it to gas, hence all nutrients are able to perserved.

Bird Nests Cleaning Process:

clean bird nestPremium grade and quality raw bird’s nest were chosen in a temperture controlled environment to eliminate heavy metals contamination.

Next, skilled and well-trained workers were employed to separate the feathers and dirt using tweezers.

Using only reverse osmosis distilled water to ensure the cleanliness of each bird nests and the natural shape of the nest is preserved as it is.

Stringent quality control are carried out to ensure the each and every piece of Blissful Bird nests achieved the specification set. Cleaned bird’s nest were categorized according to its grade.

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