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Blissful Bird Nest Team

Blissful Bird Nest is a premium Bird Nest provider in Singapore who specializes in supplying quality bird nest conveniently to any location in the world. We work hard at keeping our prices affordable to deliver maximum value and enjoyment to our clients all over the world. There is no better food than food!

The Founder

drtanboonsiongDr. Tan Boon Siong is a world-renowned Bird Nest Researcher and Consultant. Formerly a successful teacher and mentor, his interest in Bird Nest started when he saw that many of his friends and relatives were falling sick easily. He was motivated to find a wholesome and nutritious food that can provide the body with critical nutrients and yet be as holistic and natural as possible.
His passion for this unique miracle food grew and he went on to write several papers, conduct research and experiments on Bird Nest. He has personally travelled to Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, over the past seven years in his unending quest to produce the best Bird Nest in its best form for human consumption.

He has delivered several keynote speeches to Bird Nest farmers and cultivators across these countries and in different languages, educating them on how to better manage the bird nest business in the most unadulterated way. He shares his bird nest knowledge and research selflessly and has been highly commended for the amazingly high standards of bird nest processing in his 1200 square feet plant in Batu Pahat, JB, Malaysia.

His elite bird nest processing plant has been visited by scores of government health officials from all over the world including Singapore, Malaysia and China. Every single time, the visitors are simply blown away by his self-imposed stringent standards which have long exceeded the industry average.

Dr. Tan is the Bird Nest expert to:

  • Build bird nest houses with controlled heat, odor, moisture, sound and of course, hygiene practices.
  • Maintain the swiflets survival by only ensuring that abandoned nests are being harvested.
  • Use only distilled water to process the bird nest.
  • Use effective microorganisms instead of pesticides to deter cockroaches and lizards from devouring the Bird Nest.
  • Play ultra frequency music to attract swiftlets without disturbing the neigbouring houses.
  • Implement freeze drying instead of heat drying to preserve nutrients in bird nest.
  • Achieve lowest water content for each piece of bird nest (<10%).


100% Quality Assurance

The Blissful Bird Nest Team works with the academics and we conduct various research to provide the best and sustainable Bird Nest for you. Your health is our responsiblity.

The Blissful Bird Nest team work with academics and conduct various research to provide the best and sustainable bird nest for you. As with all prized delicacies, the market has its fair share of fakes, unsubstantiated claims, exaggerated benefits, not to mention, rouged traders who manipulate the colour or quality of their bird nest with chemicals, hoping to fetch a premium price. Hence, we aim to provide Bird Nest not only as a health and beauty solution but to educate the public about this wonderful product of nature.

For those of you who are interested to know more, we highly recommend the book and the authors below whom we also like to give our thanks from we have benefited from their years of tedious Bird Nest research.

bookSwiftlets of Borneo: Builders of Edible Nests
is written by a Bird Nest expert, Mr Lim Chan Koon and Earl of Cranbrook (UK) after 45 years of combined Bird Nest research.

Lim Chan Koon (further right) was born in Kuching, Sarawak. His keen interest in animals since childhood has motivated him to study zoology at University of Malaya. After graduation, he served as a Research Fellow at Unversiti Malaysia Sawarak from 1994 to 1996. He received his D. Phil. in Conservation Biology of the White-nest Swiflets. From 2000 to 2001, he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Wildlife Conservation Society. Currently, he works as a consultant for DANCED-SWMPI / Sarawak Forest Department to implement co-management plans for sustainable harvesting of edible nest swiflets in Sarawak.

The Earl of Cranbrook’s first post graduate appointment was a technical assistant to the Curator of Sarawak Musuem (1965 – 1958). Research into the cave swiflets of Sarawak contributed to his Ph.D degree (Birmingham, 1960), and led to a post-doctoral fellowship in Indonesia (Yayasan Siswa Lokantara, 1960-1961). From 1961-1970 he was a lecturer / senior lecturer in Zoology at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. With his wife and first child, he moved back to U.K. in 1970, and thereafter has followed a career of mixed activities in conservation biology and natural resource management, in which cave swiftlets haved played a continuing part. At present, he is chairman of ENTRUST, the Regulator of Environment Bodies under the (U.K) Landfill Tax Regulations, 1996, and chairman of the advisory commitee of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Natural Environment Research Council. His services to the state of Sarawak were recognised by the award of JBS (Hon) in 1996.

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